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tv   First Look  MSNBC  January 12, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PST

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good morning. right now on "first look" -- almost 4 million strong march across france in solidarity against the terrorists. one step closer to finding out what brought that airasia flight down. and a big night for the beautiful people at the golden globes and did you hear what the hosts said about george clooney. get ready for an extreme taste of winter the midwest and northeast face freezing rain and snow on the roads. the possibility of ice, up to a quarter of an inch millions could face a white-knuckle commute like this one. >> 8 see that in wisconsin last
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week, a truck sliding across the highway, sliding just inches from oncoming cars. we have a full winter forecast just ahead. paris, a city that's still in mourning following the deadliest terrorist attacks in decade also a city standing in solidarity in the wake of terrorism. holding french flags and signs reading je swisuis charlie. even more powerful this image of french president francois hollande locking arms with angela merkel benjamin netanyahu and milwaukee mahmoud abbas, all this as the hunt for the final suspect continues. the empire state building lit in
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french colors. simpson ended with the show of sailed darety. tracy, what's the u.s. reaction to these terrorist attacks. >> reporter: we're seeing rallies here in the united states. what we didn't see any high-level official the president or the secretary of state, the attorney general who was in france at the time, brand new this hour we're getting reaction from secretary john kerry at a different location saying that this was quibbling that there were others from the united states there from the embassy, our ambassador his assistant secretary of state, fighting back the criticism this morning. also, we're learning what the u.s. will be doing going forward. secretary of state kerry will be in france on thursday for talks about how the u.s. and france can be coordinate tracking suspected terrorists. over the weekend, we learned that the white house is planning
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a global terrorism summit other country coming. the white house says that this will focus on how to prevent radicals from going overseas getting trained by al qaeda or isis and then bringing that fight back home. >> all right, that's a big concern, thank you. we appreciate your report. and already on high alert following domestic threats to the police officers, the nypd is rarping up security from brand-new threats from isis threats, aimed at law enforcement in the u.s. and other countries. this bulletin quote, officers must pay close attention to approaching vehicles and anyone getting out of a vehicle and play close attention to people as they approach and look for their hands as they approach you. the pakistani school where taliban gunman killed young students last month, it has reopened. the chief of pakistan army was on hand to meet students.
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they were met with tight security on their first day back. it was the deadliest in pakistan's history. breaking overnight a big find in the airasia disaster they have found the black box, the cockpit's voice recorder has also been found. so far 48 bodies have been recovered. there were 162 people onboard. it was hollywood's biggest party last night and golden globes host had some fun with mr. and mrs. george clooney. >> george clooney married amal this year. she's a human rights lawyer who worked on the enron case was an adviser to calfi annan regarding syria. so tonight, her husband is getting a lifetime achievement
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award. >> that kind of puts it in perspective. we have the night's winners and losers. >> the golden globe goes to "boyhood." >> reporter: a movie about growing up came of age at the golden globes sunday night. won best drama, best supporting actress for patricia arquette. >> i want to thank poornts who are revolving and doing their best. >> reporter: it was also a big night for julianne moore. she was best actress in a drama for "still alice." while eddie redmaine won his portrayal of stephen hawking in "the theory of everything." >> thank you. >> reporter: amy adams didn't expect to win best actress for
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"big eyes." michael keaton gave an emotional speech accepting best actress for his performance in "birdman." >> i'm so grateful. >> reporter: but in a surprise keaton's film lost on best musical or comedy to "grand budapest hotel." more upsets in the tv categories. the's show about transgender won best drama. >> this is much bigger than me. >> reporter: another surprise jen rodriguez, beat out veterans for best actress. another first-year series "the affair" walked away with best tv drama and best actress for one of its stars, ruth wilson. best actor went to kevin spacey. >> it was a fun night to watch. all right, let's get down to
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business on this monday morning with cnbc. good morning. >> betty, good morning to you. stocks look to bounce back this week after the markets ended in the red last week. look for data this week on retail sales, inflation and the consumer earning season kicks off with the results from aluminum giant alcoa. president obama will be focusing on cyber security issues this week, a topic he'll address in a state of union address next week. improve online privacy for consumers and students. general motors is planning to introduce an electric car in 2017 that could drive 20 on miles on a single charge. it will be at the detroit auto show today. betty. >> the road to super bowl has its final four peyton manning and the broncos struggled
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against the colts. after taking the early lead andrew luck threw for 265 yards and 2 touchdowns to upset the broncos, 24-13. cowboys first postseason trip to green bay since the ice bowl it ended in defeat a crucial late-game catch by dez bryant, it was challenged. after reviewed it was determined that bryant did not complete the catch, ending the game in a 26-21 win. reactions quickly hit social media. the lions tweeted, sorry dallas we know the feeling. cowboys fan lebron james tweeting -- what is the definition of a catch or not in the nfl? i really want to know? no one can answer the question. dez was just as baffled. >> has possession right? one, two, three -- that's
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possession. losing like that we have to lose like that? it can't happen. can't happen. >> it's tough. upsets in college hoops. duke is handed its first loss of the season against nc state. then rutgers pulled off a big upset, beating fourth-ranked wisconsin. you know it's the most dangerous eight seconds in sport, professional bull riding a new record was set in chicago, he hit the eight-second mark for 19 straight rides, winning the event. check out the life-sized pac man arena that will be featured during the super bowl. great news for consumers, the latest lundberg survey says gas prices are down a 1.14 there are from a year ago. a saudi billionaire says he
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13 minutes past the hour. college football's biggest day, ohio state and oregon face off for the nation fault championship. tonight at at&t stadium in arlington, texas, it will be packed with over 100,000 screaming fans. >> reporter: the fans are here. and the finishing touches are just about done outside and inside at&t stadium. >> we're very excited about this playoff. we have been waiting over two years zblsh two years since the
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ncaa decided that the divisional i national title will be decided by a playoff which ends in the championship game here tonight and oh what a night it will be. oh as in oregon. o, as in ohio state. more than 60,000 fans have already made the trip to north texas. there's no official count yet, on the amount of face paint or well interesting outfits they brought along. but supporters on both sides -- >> o-h-i-o. let's go bucks! >> this is the real championship game for oregon. we're going to win. >> reporter: even before the kickoff here there's already one clear winner -- the championship will be an economic boost to $300 million or more to the area and the final financial score will be even higher. >> you take ticket sales, merchandise, sponsorship, market
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marketing rights you're looking at a pie that's over $1 billion. >> reporter: but of course it's these bucks and the ducks, looking to cash in right now. speaking of cash you can still find a ticket to tonight's game the average cost though around $1,000. let's see, live in arlington, texas, i'm jay gray. >> okay thank you, jay. the weather forecast bill karins is here. >> let's talk about this forecast, because we have many areas that are in trouble out this morning with freezing rain and sleet, slippery conditions the worst of it is going to be central illinois around indianapolis, very crunchy out there, lots of problems on the road. all this mess pushing into the east thankfully temperatures on i-95 are a little warmer than expected. that's good. 36 in new york city 34 in
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philadelphia. right at freezing around baltimore, careful north and west of the baltimore area. d.c. will look just fine. as we go back to the west you can see indianapolis at 31 degrees. we still have very cold air in the northern plains still negative 30 up there around international falls. again, the only real significant problems, in the ohio valley and central portions of pennsylvania. big cities in the east airport delays from the rain low visibility, but not because of ice. >> thank you bill. stories making news this morning, gunfire erupts at a private chris brown concert. take a look at this. it happened at a club in san jose, california, on sunday. cell phone footage caught the chaos, five people were shot but all are okay brown was not hurt. police are questioning several people the pope is taking on critics, he said his concern for the poor and global economy
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isn't quote some novel ideology but the core touchstone of the christian faith. the pope's comment is from an interview in a book this economy kills which studies his economic and social teachings. at van can, 33 babies were baptized on sunday. in a move reaffirm his support of public breast-feeding. in argentina, a samba school paid tribute to the argentina-born pontiff. four floats were used to represent the pontiff. senator responds to a creepy question about joe biden and three times a charm for mitt? scrambled politics is next.
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[container door closing] what makes it an nx is what you can get out of it. ♪ introducing the first-ever lexus nx turbo and hybrid. once you go beyond utility there's no going back. all right, 20 minutes past the hour. we have a super, super tuesday for you, never say never, and a new hugger for chris christie following a brutal defeat in 2012 we heard this many times from mitt romney. >> i'm not running for president. i'm not doing it again. i'm not running for president. i said that so many times. >> but now romney may be changing his tune yet again. on friday he reportedly told a group of donors in new york city, people ask if i really want to be president, yeah wayi
2:21 am
want to be president. georgia's secretary of state is pushing for a regional primary on march 1st of next year, it would include both florida and texas, it could be seen as a boost for lawmakers with ties to those areas. senator coons was on tv. he was asked about this moment when vice president biden when is period in his daughter's ear. >> does she think that the vice president is creepy? >> no. he's known my kids their whole life. oregon and ohio state face off tonight. this picture, with the oregon mascot and wished the team luck. ohio congressman tim ryan posted this pic on instagram cheering
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on the buckeyes. the governors of ohio and oregon have a bet. now, if the ducks lose he'll offer up a local beer six pounds of cheese. new jersey chris christie who's a huge cowboy fan, took some heat last night. paul ryan tweeted this pic, after the packers defeated the cowboys, he tweeted, governor christie, do you need a hug now? that's your morning's dish of scrambled politics. i'm joined by jane item. world leaders gathered in france over the weekend. they gathered in support and unity against terrorism. we have all kinds of leaders.
2:23 am
noticeably absent was president obama and vice president biden. >> they have scheduled didn't permit. but other world leaders found time in their schedule to show up. perfect opportunity for the president to say we just went back in to fight isis. he campaigned on pulling out of the middle east and he's back in there in what's expected to be a multiyear campaign against exactly this. isis threatened home-grown terror, we're going to strike fear into the bedrooms of the west. so, this was a really a great opportunity and the president wasn't there, you know kerry came out and said i'm going on thursday, i know he's planned to go eric holder was there, he was on five sunday shows yesterday. he was never near that march. >> you mentioned something that's the big picture here this home-grown terrorism that a
2:24 am
lot of country are worried about, how big of an issue is that for especially the u.s. considering a new defense secretary. and new attorney general. >> the defense secretary is going to have sell it to washington and to america as a whole, and they're going to be the face of an operation that people are weary, they don't want to be in this very far-off place, they'll have to say, we're fighting something that's not far off, it's home. so, it will be very important for that defense secretary for sure. >> absolutely. thanks so much for joining us, jane. up ahead -- what's fueling the latest beyonce pregnancy rumors, that's next.
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coming up on 28 minutes past the hour leading on nbc news this morning, what does haiti have to show for $13 billion in earthquake aid. governments gave billions. but five years later, 85,000 people still live in camps and many more in deplorable conditions. the daily mirror is set to open a new restaurant in scotland, kim j, they're looking at scotland for his ruling party's love of whiskey. in entertainment news beyonce posted this cryptic photo on instagram. look in the sand. it appears to be baby bump made out of sand is it a joke or a
2:29 am
thinly veiled unannouncement? i think it's announcement. >> just teases the mother in law if you do something like that. >> we shall see. i'm betty nguyen. "way too early" starts right now. today was an extraordinary day. millions of people that marched not just in paris but around the world. and -- [ applause ] they were christians and jews and muslims and they with leaders of countries all over the world. they didn't march in protest, they marched in support of the idea that we will not walk in fear. we won't do it. so, je suis charlie. >> our thoughts our prayers are with you tonight. >> together we'll stand united
2:30 am
against anyone who will repress free speech anywhere from north korea to paris. [ applause ] >> well hollywood take askew from world events standing in solidarity with people of france just hours after the largest rally the country has ever seen. this morning the very latest on the investigation into the paris attacks and new clues in the search for the most wanted woman in the world. breaking news overnight, search teams locate the black boxes from airasia flight the very latest on those recovery efforts. and back to the glitz and glamour of hollywood, as the awards season kicks off with the golden globes. plus they're a powerful fulful couple in hosting. they reunite to lead the way. this s


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